Hello there and welcome to My Fair Melbourne!

My name is Melissa and I am what some people affectionately call a ‘slashie’. No, not a sword-wielding psycho maniac with a penchant for blood soaked horror films. But rather a lawyer/writer, or a lawyer/writer/blogger to be precise.

During the nine to five and beyond I am a corporate lawyer. I spend my days sitting at a glowing computer screen scrolling through cases and drafting complex legal documents. But it’s not all pinstripe suits and curly white wigs. There’s always time in the day for a breakfast of gooey poached eggs with truffled polenta, or plump orecchiette tossed in ricotta and peas at lunch. For me, eating good food is truly one of life’s great pleasures. I take the time to savour the experience each and every day.

I started blogging because I love to write and have a passion for Melbourne. I come from a long line of sparkling Italians whose obsession with food is trumped only by their family bonds. It’s only natural that food has become my focus.

This blog has given me a unique insight into the Melbourne culinary scene and I am blessed to have met some amazing people along the way. Through them I have come to realise that in Melbourne, as in my own family, food tells a story. So I began sitting down with the people behind the dishes – the chefs, restaurant owners, street vendors and chocolatiers of this city. The result is a beautiful tapestry of family histories, creative drive and a shared commitment to making people happy through food. I aim to continue sharing those stories and experiences with you.

Want to drop me a line or two? Email me at myfairmelbourne@gmail.com.

You can also sign up to email alerts by entering your email address in the box to your right or below and clicking follow. I’m also on twitter & Instagram (@myfairmelbourne) 🙂


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  1. Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog! It’s such an encouragement to receive feedbacks from the readers so thank you. I enjoyed reading your posts on Melbourne. I’d love to try out your recommendations soon. Cheers x

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