Castello’s Blue Burgers

Some might say it’s been a while since an MFM blog post. We’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus recently and life has taken over as it has a habit of doing. Let’s just say there was a period there where my mind was so immersed in white lace and pastel pink roses that I thought MFM might morph into a wedding blog and I’d be posting pics of you and your hubby staring wistfully into the distance. Well that fun has passed and we’re back onto food – but I can refer you to some excellent wedding blogs if you’d like just email me!

Castello Burger Blue

Last week I attended the product launch of a new range of sliced blue cheese – Castello Burger Blue. Essentially, the guys at Castello’s have created a not-so-crumbly blue cheese, sliced it up and hailed it as the newest best thing to throw on your beef pattie. An idea so genius it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been done before.


Do it Yourself Burgers

The concept of the launch night was simple – consume as many mayo-drenched French fries and crispy potato gems you can handle and then create your own blue cheese burger. Mission accepted my friends.

The do-it yourself station was a spread of ingredients you don’t usually see when building a burger. Slices of juicy pear sat alongside creamy waldorf salad, whisky bacon jam and dried figs. I went for a mix of all of them and finished it all off with a single beef pattie and a slice of melted Castello blue cheese.


The Verdict

Even with all the other burger elements the blue cheese flavour smacks you in the mouth. It’s strong and biting like you’d expect but still balanced with a hint of creaminess. A little truly does go a long way. The addition of blue cheese to the burger scene will surely lend itself to some interesting and creative flavour combinations – think sliced apple and caramelised onions or crispy prosciutto and pear.


Thanks to Castello Cheese and Easeys in Collingwood for a great night and a new way to enjoy the humble beef burger. Castello Burger Blue cheese is available at supermarkets and I am told Easeys will be including a blue cheese burger on their menu.




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