Restaurant Opening – Artusi

The latest restaurant to open at Southgate launched with a loud, Italian, inebriated bang. Artusi, brought to us by the folks behind Tutto Bene, stored away the starched napkins and silver cutlery a few weeks ago to throw an extravagant opening bash. It was a night of opera singing, evening gowns and an opportunity for Melbourne’s D grade celebs to get out and about (the cast of Big Brother was there too – who knew!). Artusi is offering a modern twist on Italian food and we definitely got a sense of those broader culinary influences on the night – think eastern European style cabbage rolls and pork belly with citrusy pomelo. There was a fantastic feeling of celebration and once the crowd thinned we really got to enjoy the beauty of the space and that gorgeous river view. The city lights sparkled, the wine flowed freely, and every now and then there was a tortellini on a spoon – hoorah!


The way to my heart


Focaccia pockets filled with seafood
Polpette with veal and porcini
The opera singer wowed guests with her pipes that rose above the crowd and that over the top, dance scene of beauty and the beast, gown
My Kitchen Rules?




French blue on crisp bread with a drizzle of olive oil
I didn’t get to try these cabbage rolls but was told they were delicious. Note the whole roasted lamb? in the background!
Tiramisu cups with a mascarpone topping


The incredibly generous goodie bag from the Artusi opening. I highly recommend the carnaroli risotto rice from Entoca Sileno. Best risotto I have EVER made!

I always think it’s hard to get a real sense of the food at events like this. You tend to only get a small snapshot which can sometimes be swallowed up by the conversation, the atmosphere and the booze. Overall we enjoyed the offerings but in terms of food I  preferred my lunch at the restaurant a few days earlier (read about it here). I’m going back to Artusi soon to try a plate of their homemade pasta. If it’s anything like Tutto Bene’s risotto you know it’s going to be good.

My Fair Melbourne attended the Artusi opening party as a guest of Fuller PR.

Artusi on Urbanspoon


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