Make Your Own Magnum – Magnum Pop-up Store – Emporium

I have a confession to make – this was my lunch on Friday.

My make your own Magnum
My make your own Magnum

It’s not something I’m proud of, and it probably consists of more than double my recommended calorie intake for the day. But I loved it. Every last creamy, indulgent bit of it. Honestly though, what’s a girl to do? When the masters behind Magnum offer you the opportunity to create your own magnum – did you hear that? – CREATE YOUR OWN MAGNUM…you take it.

Magnum Melbourne pleasure store

The pop-up or “pleasure store” is set up in the new Emporium. Even though half the stores in the centre remain closed we had to line up for the make your own Magnum shop.

Lines at the Magnum 'pleasure store' in Melbourne
Lines at the Magnum ‘pleasure store’ in Melbourne

It’s all pretty easy to navigate. For $8 (less than a salad at famish’d hoorah!) you choose your chocolate coating, choose your drizzle and then go crazy on the toppings. There are around twenty toppings to choose from, mainly of the chocolate, nut and dried fruit variety. The classics are all there like roasted almonds, hazelnuts and milk chocolate flakes with some colour and creativity thrown in as well. Think salted pretzels and pretty pink edible rose petals.

Magnum Melbourne pleasure store

The final drizzle
The final drizzle

I went for chocolate on chocolate – milk chocolate coated vanilla magnum rolled in dark chocolate biscuit bits, dried strawberries and maltesters then finished off with a drizzle of white chocolate.


Even more delicious than it looks, my magnum was the same classic vanilla magnum we all adore but on steroids. On first bite I felt the sin. An immediate crack of milk chocolate gave way to a burst of sweetness from the toppings with a gorgeous mix of dark and milk chocolate flavours on the palate and a wonderfully crumbly texture from the biscuit bits. The chocolate was all perfectly balanced with a slick of thick, creamy vanilla magnum ice cream. It was a powerhouse concoction of chocolate. I feel woozy just writing about it.

I console myself with the fact that I made a meal of my magnum. I didn’t just put it down to an indulgent snack. I wouldn’t ordinarily recommend doing such extreme sugar damage to your body but in this instance I must. Let’s be honest, Magnums are pretty perfect as they are. Cover them in more chocolate, biscuit bits, shards of salty pretzels and the result is incredible – even better than I expected. The pleasure store will be open until 10 August – get on it!


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