An Update on Overdosa

If you happened to wander down Rose Street recently with a hankering for Indian street food you most likely left in a haze of disappointment. That little bicycle store with the multi-coloured ottomans is gone (the building was demolished) and with it the home of that dosa spinning duo, Overdosa. Since being kicked out of their Fitzroy location, Overdosa have adopted a nomadic lifestyle. With no roots and no permanent home Tyson and Kunal have wandered from festival to festival, serving up their dosas and homemade chutneys to party-goers around the state.

OverdosaBut I have some good news. The guys are back and will be returning to Fitzroy for the next two weekends. With so many of you showing interest after my interview with the guys a few months ago I thought I would share the details.

OverdosOverdosa have promised the full street experience and will be setting up in the alley next to The Evelyn. Classic dosas will be served against a back-drop of hindi tunes, theatrical displays and street-side seating. I am told there will be a few culinary surprises as well (think something sweet and something to snack on). This will be the last time the guys will be offering their Southern Indian cuisine before heading off on a research/recipe-gathering trip to India.

Details are below. I hope you enjoy the first of our two long weekends!

Where: The Evelyn Hotel (in the alleyway on Kerr street – very close to the corner of Brunswick and Kerr streets).

When: Saturday 19 April 2014, Sunday 20 April 2014, Monday 21 April 2014; Saturday 26 April and Sunday 27th April.




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