Urban Walkabout Pop-up Shop – Supporting Melbourne Retailers

Have you heard of Urban Walkabout? I only just discovered them. They publish a series of free guides to destinations around Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities. The fab guides are printed, come with an illustrated map and  cover everything from boutiques and galleries to cafes, bars and restaurants in different locations around each city. After their super success in Sydney these guys are expanding their reach in Melbourne. You can check them out here.

This year, Urban Walkabout have launched an online pop-up shop featuring some beautiful pieces from local Melbourne designers and retailers. Some of the pieces are one of a kind and have only ever been available for purchase in stores.

The guys at Urban-Walkabout are passionate about all things local and describe their store as,  “a curated collection of unique product from local producers in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, some of which may never have been available online before”.

Unfortunately the store  is only open for a few more days (until the 20th) but has some beautiful pieces from local retailers including Melbourne based Clementine’s, Third Drawer Down and Signed & Numbered.  Below are some of my favourites! Shipping to Melbourne can take up to 7 days but give them a call and they will do their best to hurry it up for you.

Happy last minute Christmas shopping!

Ushop_2639_1024x1024 Philippa Rediford

Philippa Riddiford Mini Prints Buzz Fuzz ($90) – Signed and Numbered (Melbourne)

Urban Walkabout

Nathalie Du Pasquier Placemat Set ($37.50)  – Third Drawer Down (Melbourne)

Ushop_652_1024x1024 Ushop_647_1024x1024

Hand Knitted rope nests ($99) – Clementines (Melbourne)


Rosso Forte Scarf Spremuta ($229) – Skarfe (Sydney)


Striped Beach Bag ($59) – Yellow Bungalow (Bondi)


3 thoughts on “Urban Walkabout Pop-up Shop – Supporting Melbourne Retailers

  1. Hey we have just opened a new shop element to a gallery that has been running as a pop up for years. Its a huge win for us and a family of really hard working local artists and designer labels, check us out. you reminded me about urban walk about, where new at all this so just trying to get out there, cheers for the great blogging 😀

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