Omigod Omigod you guys // Legally Blonde the Musical

“Omigod omigod you guys, looks like Elle’s going to win the prize, if there ever was a perfect couple this one qualifies, omigod you guys”– Legally Blonde the Musical.

I have seen that Legally Blonde poster all over Melbourne for months now. How could I miss it? It practically screams at you from across the street. Although I love musicals, this one never made it onto my must see list. I felt a bit lukewarm about it. I guess I couldn’t imagine how this show would work and was never interested enough to put down my hard earned cash and buy a ticket.

In the last couple of weeks two of my work colleagues separately left the office on the Friday planning to see the show over the weekend. They were both only mildly excited about it. Neither of them really love musicals or legally blonde the movie for that matter. They weren’t expecting much. When my colleagues came back to the office the Monday morning, both of them raved. They used words like ‘brilliant’, ‘hilarious’ and ‘must see’. I was surprised, but more importantly my interest was piqued. I am someone who loves musicals. What was I waiting for? I bought a ticket and roped my mum into coming along with me.


We attended the 3 pm show on Sunday. When we arrived scores of people were hovering outside the door. They were smiling and laughing, taking photos of themselves in front of the hot pink legally blonde backdrop. Anticipation and excitement was in the air. What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Melbourne. I suspect this Sunday show was a sell-out, or close to it. Perhaps because this was the second last weekend of the performance in Melbourne (sniff sniff).

The show follows the narrative of the movie with a few minor changes. It begins with the lovely Elle Woods (Lucy Durack- Wicked). Elle is expecting her buff beau Warner (Rob Mills) to propose to her that night. When Warner instead breaks up with Elle for not being serious enough (he needs a Jacqui…not Marilyn), she embarks on a hair brained journey to get into Harvard Law, become serious and win him back.

The story is simple and we all know it from the movie, but the musical takes you on the journey with huge songs, bursts of colour and lots of heart. I thought the whole cast were fantastic in this show, even Rob Mills who I will always remember as a so so singer from the first season of Australian Idol. Lucy Durack was sweet, genuine and funny as Elle but able to convey Elle’s strength and vulnerability at the same time. I just loved her.

The show itself was hilarious. Laugh out loud, snorting soft drink through my nose hilarious. I could not have imagined, having seen the movie, that this musical could be so funny. All of the performers were really comfortable in their comedic roles. Helen Dallimore was hilarious and lovable as Paulette, and she is an incredible singer.

There were numerous comedic highlights. The fizzy and spirited Delta Nu girls, a couple of gorgeous scenes with the delivery guy, and even some not so serious irish dancing. For me, the funniest scene was the court scene in the second act. But I won’t tell you about that, other than to say that it will have you laughing until tears start streaming down your face and you need a tissue to wipe the make up out of your eyes. I don’t want to give it away.

By far, my favourite aspect of Legally Blonde was the music. The songs were poppy, happy and infectious. I will be singing them in the shower for months. Even those slower songs during the more intimate moments of the show that can sometimes get lost really held their own. I thought Warner and Elle’s duets were particularly good, especially in their first song together,‘serious’.

“Daughter of Delta NU, soon to be fiance`, now that a man chose you, your life begins today. Make him a happy home, waste not his hard earned wage, and so he does not roam, strive not to look your age”– Omigod you guys- Legally Blonde the musical

Despite all the bursts of colour and fun, the message of the movie remains and comes through strongly in the musical. The importance of being yourself, following your intuition, and wanting more from your life than to just please someone else. It’s a real girl power sort of story.

Legally Blonde the musical was brilliant. It was much funnier than the movie, I smiled the whole way through. Unfortunately the last show in Melbourne is on 14 July 2013. Omigod you guys! There are only a few days until it ends. Go and see it!


Legally Blonde the Musical- Now showing at the Princess Theatre, 163 Spring Street Melbourne


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