If you happened to wander down Rose Street recently with a hankering for Indian street food you most likely left in a haze of disappointment. That little bicycle store with the multi-coloured ottomans is gone (the building was demolished) and with it the home of that dosa spinning duo, Overdosa. Since being kicked out of […]

The Peach

The French are famous for their petit fours. My first trip to Paris left me with a camera full of friands, macarons and madelines. But Italians aren’t known for their sweets. The only sugary celebrity we can lay claim to is the almighty gelato – all hail. My man doesn’t understand my obsession with Italian cakes. […]


Good morning readers! I have just updated my Published Work Page and thought I would share it.  You can check it out at the link below. There is more to come so watch this space. MFM PUBLISHED WORK

Tomato sauce day Italian

Every year from around mid-feb to mid-march tomatoes come into season. It’s  a beautiful time when Melbourne fruit shops are overflowing with ripe, blushing tomatoes. Depending on your postcode, you might see Nonnas buying the fruit by the crate-full and lugging it back to their cars. It’s during this small window of tomato-time that Italians […]

Tasting plate as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival at La Camera

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is an exciting time for food lovers in this city. Twitter feeds and Instagram pages are flooded with stories of $40 express lunches, exclusive chef and wine dinners and open kitchens with multi-story rain gardens. When it comes to food, Melbourne sure knows how to put on a show. […]

First Press Cold Drip Coffee

[My Fair Melbourne received a complimentary delivery of First Press cold drip coffee. The Sidamo is fantastic - much smoother and fresher than your usual hot espresso coffee. A must try!] You may have noticed a few funnel-like contraptions popping up at city cafés recently. A tall, tower like structure dripping water through a glass […]


Hello lovely Melbournians! Just a reminder that White Night Melbourne lands tonight 22 February 2014. If wandering through a storm while drops of purple rain fall around you (and listening to Prince’s Purple Rain at the same time) sounds like your thing, then tonight is the night. The Melbourne Gods are making it happen along […]


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