MM Fundido Chorizo

Is there anything better than a Mariachi band? Those smiling men strumming catchy songs on their over sized guitars make for a seriously good time – especially with a couple of Mezcal shots keeping you warm. Yes some might consider Mariachi cheesy, brash and even a little over the top, but sometimes in life we […]

Mister Bianco's Arancini

I don’t usually spend much time in Kew. To me it’s a suburb with towering plane trees lining quiet streets and eye-watering house prices. But an increasing number of excellent establishments are building a following outside of the city. Sicilian restaurant Mister Bianco is one of them. Sitting proudly on High Street, Mister Bianco often […]

Mork Brew House

I have a thing for open fire places. I find them comforting. It’s not just the flickering amber flames or the raw heat emanating from glowing embers. It’s the scent. The smell of burning wood swirling from a fire place immediately takes me back to chilly winter afternoons at home with my siblings. We would […]

Mio Locale Worker's Breakfast

My mother spent a lot of time in Sicily as a child. The stories have kept us enthralled at the dinner table for years. Tales of waking to the sound of street vendors selling soft cheeses and crusty ciabatta bread are always met with dreamy sighs. We groan with envy as my mother recalls warming […]


Welcome to 2015 MFMers! The start of the new year can be incredibly joyous. It’s wonderful seeing people relaxed, refreshed, and bursting with optimism about the year ahead. I have lots of exciting plans for MFM in 2015 that I can’t wait to get into! But let’s kick off the year with an interview, and […]

Carols melbourne

Last year I published my first guide to Carols by Candlelight. It was the ultimate guide to carols in Melbourne and is still one of the most popular articles I have ever posted on My Fair Melbourne. It makes me so happy to know that there are people out there who love carols as much […]


A spot next to a farmer’s market is an ideal place to open up a café. Meandering through stalls lined with plump strawberries, bundles of leafy greens and baskets filled with bulbs of garlic and field mushrooms is the ultimate inspiration for a produce-driven chef. Cate Hardman, ex-Sarti, is truly in her element heading up new […]


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