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Melbourne’s beautiful people descended on Emporium again on Monday night for a lavish fashion party to celebrate the launch of Karl Lagerfeld’s newest collection of timepieces. The watches were almost as glittery as the people who attended with some of Melbourne’s most influential fashionistas making an appearance. I was lucky enough to be invited to the event held at the WSI watches store.


The latest restaurant to open at Southgate launched with a loud, Italian, inebriated bang. Artusi, brought to us by the folks behind Tutto Bene, stored away the starched napkins and silver cutlery a few weeks ago to throw an extravagant opening bash. It was a night of opera singing, evening gowns and an opportunity for Melbourne’s D grade celebs to get out […]


Let’s be honest. Southgate probably isn’t at the top of the list when planning a hot dinner in our fair city (Pure South excepted). It’s probably more a spot to bring your visiting cousin from Sicily for a nice meal and to ooh and aah at the river views. But you may have noticed a few changes […]

MELBOURNE, 15 Jun 2014 - Shoot for Mork Chocolate at Krimper Cafe in Melbourne.

Josefin Zernell has spent much of her life making chocolate. Her fingers have sculpted delicate pralines and crafted decadent dark chocolates for years. She has spent hours folding, melting and tempering chocolate in her home country of Sweden. But when Josefin first moved to Melbourne with her partner Kiril Shaginov five years ago, they noticed something was missing on café menus.

My make your own Magnum

I have a confession to make – this was my lunch on Friday. It’s not something I’m proud of, and it probably consists of more than double my recommended calorie intake for the day. But I loved it. Every last creamy, indulgent bit of it. Honestly though, what’s a girl to do? When the masters […]


I was a little uncertain when I received an invitation to the opening of Hophaus at Southgate. Firstly, I don’t drink beer. Invite me to the launch of a wine bar and I’m there but ask me to write about 30 specialty European beers on tap and I can’t help you. Secondly, I’m not quite sold […]

Martin Pirc (second from the left) and the team at Punch Lane

People say that when you buy a house you should know it’s yours the moment you walk through the doors. It should have a feeling, a warmth and a comfort that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a pot of peppermint tea. I have that same view […]


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